The Tempest

Please feel free to download, perform, and share any of my music attached below.  If you would plan a public performance of any of my works, I would only ask that you provide the details of the performance by emailing me at:  When possible, I personally attend the performance of any of my works; additionally, your details would also enable me to earn my writer royalties from my performing rights organization. Thank you!  Keith Bajura

The Tempest

for Orchestra​


2 Flutes

2 Oboes

2 Clarinets in B-Flat

2 Bassoons

E-flat Alto Sax (optional)

B-flat Tenor Sax (optional)

2 Trumpets in B-flat

2 Horns I F

2 Trombones


Timpani (4)


Violin I

Violin II



String Bass

Commissioned and Premiered December 14, 1989 by The Three Rivers Young Peoples’ Orchestra

Duration: 6:57