Kyrie and Fugue in C minor

Please feel free to download, perform, and share any of my music attached below.  If you would plan a public performance of any of my works, I would only ask that you provide the details of the performance by emailing me at:  When possible, I personally attend the performance of any of my works; additionally, your details would also enable me to earn my writer royalties from my performing rights organization. Thank you!  Keith Bajura

Kyrie and Fugue in C minor

This piece was written for the anniversary of Holy Spirit Parish in West Mifflin, PA. It was, however, premiered on Mary 22, 1988 by the Mezzanine String Quartet instead of the choir.​

Listen to a computer-generated rendition of the piece below. Duration: 4:28

I would like to thank my colleagues Orin Day and Dan Reid, who lent me a USB floppy drive so that I could retrieve the Finale music files for this piece off of the one floppy that I had forgotten to transfer. It was a huge time savings over having to re-enter all of the music. I am still in shock that a floppy disk from over 30 years ago still was able to be read. Thanks again Orin and Dan