XXI Variations on a Theme by Vivaldi

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XXI Variations

On a Theme by Vivaldi

Premiered on October 29, 1989 by Keith Bajura

XXI Variations on a Theme by Vivaldi is a set of variations based on the first movement of Antonio Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in A minor Op.3 No.6 (P 1). I am proud to dedicate it to all violin students throughout the world who have played this particular concerto. I myself have many times walked through the halls of schools and universities and heard children playing Vivaldi’s Concerto in A minor for each other while they anxiously waited for an audition or rehearsal. It was from this inspiration and my own experiences playing the concerto that I wrote the piece.

In performing XXI Variations on a Theme by Vivaldi, it is not necessary (or suggested) that one plays through all 21 variations in their exact order. A better performance will be achieved by selecting a smaller number of the 21 variations, for example, the even ones, and perform­ing them in an order of one’s own choice. It is best, though, to start and finish with the Theme and Finale because they are the opening and closing of Vivaldi’s actual concerto. I have also purposely left out tempo markings in all but a few of the variations. This is to ensure that a comfortable tempo will be reached between the performer and the mood of the variation. On the whole, though, the more technical and virtuosic variations should be performed as fast as possible while the more melodic variations should be performed slowly and with much ex­pression and rubato.

This work is available for purchase here.

Duration: ca 17:16

Listen (excerpt):