Le Sabbat de Sorciére

Please feel free to download, perform, and share any of my music attached below.  If you would plan a public performance of any of my works, I would only ask that you provide the details of the performance by emailing me at: keith@keithbajura.com.  When possible, I personally attend the performance of any of my works; additionally, your details would also enable me to earn my writer royalties from my performing rights organization. Thank you!  Keith Bajura

La Sabbat de Sorcière

“The Witch’s Sabbath”

Une Fantaisie pour Violin (Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra)


  • 2 Flutes
  • 2 Oboes
  • 2 Clarinets in B-flat
  • E-flat Alto Sax
  • Bb Tenor Sax
  • 2 Bassoons
  • 2 Horns in F
  • 2 Trumpets in B-flat
  • 2 Trombones
  • Tuba
  • Timpani (4)
  • 2 Percussionists
  • Solo Violin (scordutura)
  • Violin I
  • Violin II
  • Viola
  • ‘Cello
  • String Bass

I. Les Sons de Minuit (The Sounds of Midnight)

II. La Danse des Manches aux Balais (Dance of the Broomsticks)

III. La Promenade de Sorcière (Flight of the Witch)