Christmas Candles

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Christmas CandLes

for SATB a cappella choir

I have always been fascinated by candles. What once was a cold, lifeless chunk of wax changes into a bright, shimmering pool of fuel powering the flame with the simple addition of a match. When the flame is extinguished, the candle returns to its former cold lifeless shape. This idea of changing from cold and lifeless to bright and alive and back again is the basis of Christmas Candles.

The piece tells the story of an old candle maker whose life is lonely except for his candles. Each year at Christmas, he gives the candles to all the villagers because of the sheer joy they bring into their otherwise meager lives. The verses have dissonant and cold harmonies contrasting with the refrain with its bright and uplifting melody. This mirrors an unlit and lit candle. The final refrain is glorious with a soprano descant which symbolizes the joy that the birth of Jesus brings at Christmas.

Duration: ca. 3:30