Zuccino’s and more!

Have you even eaten something that the flavors were so well balanced and complemented each other so well that the whole experience was just incredible?  That’s is what I had this morning when I feasted on the left overs from Min’s “Zuccino’s.”

First I need to explain what a “Zuccino” is. It sounds like zucchini and and volcano put together and that’s just want it is.  Min hollows out about 2 in slices of zucchini. Then fills it will all sorts of filling like mushrooms, sausage, shrimp, and vegetables. Then it’s baked and served with a sauce. The first time I saw them, they were served in a red tomato sauce that looked a lot like lava. So the little green zucchini resembled an erupting volcano complete with flowing lava. Hence the name “zuccino” was born.

But todays breakfast was constructed from the left over fillings. I didn’t really watch the process, but I know there was shrimp, egg, cilantro, and cabbage among other things involved. This was cooked like a little pancake.

Once I bit into his creation, the flavors where just incredible. You got the sweet taste of the shrimp and roasted red peppers, the bitterness of the cabbage, the earthy flavors of the dried mushrooms, and the lushness of the egg.  My only addition was a little sriracha which I decorated my plate with (not shown in the photo sadly).

So now I am thinking, who needs the zuccino? Just give me that “aftermath” of the volcanic eruption!

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