Tagine #4: Tagine a la Paella.

I have to admit, sometimes I cheat. For example is tonight’s dinner. Who has the time to make a regular paella after working all day?  So I bought some of that yellow rice mix. Threw that in new best friend– my tagine along with some onions that I first sautéed.  Added some chicken stock and white wine and some canned diced tomatoes.  Cooked that about 15 minutes and then added mussels, clams, and sword fish.

5 minutes later, here’s the results:

The flavor was incredible! I wasn’t too happy with the quality of seafood that I got from Harris Teeter though. Maybe I should go to Whole Foods next time. But the rice was out of this world. And it was a great dinner after a hectic day at work.

Don’t forget to add cilantro.

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