Tagine #2: Chicken Sausage with Rosemary Herb Bread

This is my second attempt using my new tagine. Here I made chicken sausage with onions, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes. The procedure is pretty much the same as my previous chicken tagine, but I used chicken sausage that I got from Sam’s club. The result was good, but I think what was even better was the rosemary herb bread that I made.

This again is one of those things that you make and have no idea how it’s going to come out. Then it even surprises you. The process of making the bread is a little strange. It’s made in the food processor. Proof your yeast in sugar and water. Then throw some flour, water and rosemary and mix for 5 minutes. I couldn’t find that little dough blade for my food processor, and I needed up using the metal blade. I don’t know if that was a blessing or a curse. But I do know that the bread was light and fluffy, just like store bough white bread but with all natural ingredients.

Here’s the bread after it has risen and before it goes into the oven.

And here’s the end result.

Want a slice? Some of my co-workers wanted me to bring it into work on Monday for a taste. Sorry guys, there’s none left.

Here’s the entire meal with the finished tagine, the bread, and of course, wine.

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