I’m So Steamed

If you know me personally, I am sure you heard me talk many times about my steam oven saga. The story in a nutshells goes like this: I build a house. I ordered Kitchen Aid appliances.  Builder installs upgraded appliances (several versions of the reason why exists). Upgraded Kitchen Aid oven was not installed correctly rendering the steam function inoperable. Keith complains. And complains.  And finally the builder remedies the situation. I now have a fully functional Kitchen Aid Steam oven.
In addition to making great bread, it also make great meats and fish.

Here is a very simple steamed salmon with a bourbon glaze which is made from brown sugar, garlic, soy sauce and, of course, bourbon.
It took about 15 minutes in the steam oven and was moist and delicious. I served it with steamed vegetables of course. These were made in my Kitchen Aid (upgraded) microwave. Some how it just senses when the vegetables are done and tells you. It’s all magic to me.
P.s. The steam oven is great for proofing bread, and I am getting very close to perfecting the French Bread Technique.

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