Move Over Mary, Regina’s in the House!

Here’s my new creation inspired and named by my friend Nancy at work. 

A few days ago I jokingly quipped to Nancy “I wonder if I can make a Bloody Mary with gin since I am out of vodka?” That night I tried it and I have to admit that it wasn’t all that bad. The gin added a unique taste that actually complemented the tomato juice and spices. 
The next day at work, I told Nancy that I made the Bloody Mary with gin and it was pretty good. She said that I should call it a “Bloody Regina.” I guess I was involved with one of the many emails I was working on at the time because what she said went right over my head. It wasn’t until she instant messaged me “Bloody ReGINa” that it hit me! That would be a great name for the drink. After some frantic searching online for the name, I came up with nothing. I couldn’t believe that no one has made a Bloody Mary before with gin and called it a Bloody Regina. I hereby stake claim to the name and the drink.
In addition to the gin, what makes this out of the world is my new best friend (and at times worst enemy) Dave’s Ghost Pepper sauce.
Just 2 small drops in your glass, and you can feel the burn!

Thanks again Nancy for the great name and making my stomach hurt when I laugh so hard at “Bloody ReGINa.”

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