Christmas Brunch: Faux Eggs Benedict with the Volume Turned Up!

This Christmas, my husband asked to have 3 three things for Christmas brunch: tomatoes, smoked salmon, and mozzarella cheese.  To me, that sounded like the makings of Eggs Benedict. So I have him one better: a big tomato slice (the English muffin) topped with smoked salmon (the Canadian bacon) topped with capers topped with mozzarella cheese topped with a poached egg topped with Hollandaise sauce.
The only real cooking was poaching the egg and making the Hollandaise sauce. Once I acidulated the water (I always wanted to say that) and bringing it up to just under the boiling point, the egg practically poached itself.  The Hollandaise sauce is just a mixture of egg yolks and butter cooked with some lemon juice and red pepper. Just stir like crazy and watch your temperature so you don’t curdle it!
So what we ended up with was a great start to one of the best Christmases ever!
Merry Christmas!

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