Vampire Chicken: Blood Red Chicken with a Bite

This is nothing more than simple roast chicken with some extra bells and whistles. I marinated the chicken thighs with slices of lime, several sliced jalapeno peppers and some green onions along with salt, pepper and some olive oil overnight.  For extra “wow factor,” I added some of my favorite Indian red food coloring power. (I think my hands are still red from the stuff.) I know it only adds color and no flavor, but it seems to me that it tastes differently with the red color.  I then sliced up several onions to make a bed for the chicken to lie on. I roasted everything in a 450 degree oven, skin side up for about an hour. This is what it looked like before it went into the oven.
And this is what is looked like when it came out. The skin was nice and crispy and the onions turned pink and sweet. The peppers actually lost most of their heat (next time I won’t seed them first) and also got sweet. The chicken remained moist and juicy.
I served it with potatoes that I also roasted in the oven with sage and rosemary.
I think next time I am going to serve this dish over black rice. Maybe I can even make it into a shape of a little coffin on the plate and put the chicken on top of it. But I think that will wait for Halloween.
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