Paradise Indian Restaurant: The Best Tandoori Chicken I Ever Had

One of my favorite TV shows on the Food Network is “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” This is my “The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Indian Food.’  
The Paradise Indian Restaurant in Morrsiville, NC is actually just about a mile from my house and I drive past it twice daily. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it sooner. That being said, my friend Anthony and I tried it out today for lunch.
All I can say is that eating this food truly made me feel like I was in paradise. I don’t know what it was, but the spices and the preparation were just what I crave when I think of great Indian food.
I am always looking for a good tandoori chicken. And I have to say, I think this is the best one I have ever had. It was empty when I went to the buffet the first time (I guess that’s a good sign that it’s popular). But I made two other trips making sure I grabbed a piece of it each time. After reading through their great website, I see that they cook in a clay oven. I guess that’s why the chicken tasted so good. If I wasn’t at work and didn’t want to look like a pig in front of my friend, I think I would have went up a fourth time just for the chicken.
From the Paneer Tikka  Masala and the Chana Masala, the sauces were incredibly flavorful. And the spice level was up there—not for the faint of heart, but perfect for a chili head like myself.  The naan was fresh and I used it to soak up all of the great sauces. One thing that wasn’t on the buffet were a lot of desserts. I am not a big Indian dessert eater, so that didn’t disappoint me at all. It actually made more room for some other dishes.
So when you are craving great Indian food. Give Paradise a try. You’ll be in Paradise!

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