Feel the Burn

Ever since I had a dream a few nights ago that I was doing the “Wing Challenge” at Buffalo Wild Wings back home in Monroeville where you have to eat 6 of their hottest wings in 12 minutes, I have been craving the burn of the hottest wings I can find.

I came a little closer to that goal tonight with my dinner at Wild Wings Café in Cary.
Before going, I perused the menu and found that their hottest wings were called the “Braveheart.” 
Look! It’s so hot that the pepper exploded!
I was armed with this knowledge and was ready to make my order of 12 of these firecrackers immediately after being seated. The waitress warned me and said, “Those are VERY hot.”  That’s what I wanted to hear and causally replied “That’s the only reason I came here!”

When the wings arrived, I knew I was in for a real treat. Even before I tasted them, I could tell they were going to be spicy. Their acrid aroma filled my nostrils and I was ready to dive in.
The first wing didn’t put up much of a challenge. “Is that all the heat you got?” I thought to myself. But by the third and forth wing, tears were welling up in my eyes and one even ran down my cheek. These are good wings!
By wing #6 to #10, I was in the zone. I was feeling no pain and just enjoying the fire. My lips were about to fall off, but that goes without saying.
Wing #11 and #12 started to be a challenge. Was I going to be able to finish all of these? In the end, I did and was actually craving more. But that was enough for one night.
Next, I think I am going to try Wings and Rings in Morrisville. There you can spice up any flavor all the way up to ATOMIC! I am so there!

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