Garfield & Top Chef Carla Inspired Chicken Potpie

After watching Top Chef last night when Carla made a delicious chicken potpie and being inspired by a cartoon that my spouse showed me of Garfield carrying what he told me is a pot pie, I decided to try my hand at one myself.

First I started out making Alton Brown’s recipe for pie crust. It actually went very well. I didn’t have lard, so I used the same amount of butter. A few minutes in the food processor, and I had what would turn out to be the flakiest crust I ever made.
On to the filling now. I didn’t have all of the traditional ingredients, so I used what I had.
First I sautéed some onions, garlic, and carrots in butter and olive oil. Some celery would have been a nice, but I didn’t have any of that either. I think I need to go grocery shopping!
I didn’t have any type of wide noodle, so I used elbow macaroni. I had some boneless chicken breast, so I made large cubes of that and added it to the pot. I had some white wine that I thought was good to cook with but was horrible to drink, so I deglazed the pot with that. After adding some spices, I was at a loss as to how to get that chicken flavor. I used up the chicken stock that I had the night before in a superb risotto. Then an idea struck me! I can use one of those flavor packets from the Ramen noodles I had. So into the pot that went. I tasted it a few more times, and added some soy sauce and Worcester sauce for added flavor. But it still wasn’t creamy enough. One last pat of butter and some half and half thickened with corn starch did the trick.  Into the oven it went for about ½ hour.
It turned out as one of those things that is either going to be delicious or disgusting. Fortunately, this turned out delicious!

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