Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

Have you ever woke up and out of nowhere have an idea to make something. That’s what happened today. I wanted to make red velvet cake. But I couldn’t decide if it should be a layer cake or cupcakes. Since I am planning on taking it to work, cupcakes won out. But now I have a problem. I used to sit in the account department. But I am actually part of the IT department. Last Friday, I finally got a desk in the IT department. So who should I offer the cupcakes to? I hope I have enough for both departments. I think a lot of people will still be off on Monday for the holiday so that might work to my advantage.
This actually is a rather complex recipe. I found it online, but it got good reviews. You need to cream sugar and butter. Add some eggs. And then mix cocoa powder with 2 ounces of red food color to make this reddish brown paste. That’s two entire bottles! Add vanilla. Add the red paste. Then mix in cake flour and buttermilk. And the then the weirdest thing I ever heard of. You need to mix together baking soda and vinegar and then add that in. It seemed like a science experiment because all it did was fizz up. Maybe it makes the cake lighter. I have no idea.
The cream cheese frosting was much simpler. Just beat together softened butter, softened cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar. And voila. Delicious cream cheese frosting that’s so good you’ll want to lick the bowl.

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