Third Time’s a Charm, Especially when it comes to making tortillas!

This is my third attempt at making tortillas from scratch. I thought “How hard could it be?” Well, you try rolling out small little dough balls into perfect circles. Don’t even try it. Spend $20 for a tortilla press at Sur La Table. You won’t regret it.

Here’s the tortilla press with two plastic bags over the top and bottom. When you are done, you just throw away the bags and there’s nothing to clean up.

Here’s the tortillas before they get “pressed.” 
The maiden voyage of the tortilla press. I actually made one!
Fry it up in a pan….
And what will I serve with these delicious homemade tortillas? Chicken Fajitas with red pepper sauce.
Here they are before the infusion of the dried red pepper sauce.

And after. The red peppers were dried and I soaked them in hot water. Then ground them up in a blender. And finally added them here to the chicken. Such flavor!
 Time to eat.

But no Mexican dish is complete without some hot sauce….

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