Shop ’till you Drop

For the past month I wanted to try something different when I went grocery shopping. Each week I am trying to do my shopping at a different grocery store.

Here are my past results.
I am not sure if this record still stands, but this is claimed to be the largest grocery store in the area. Highlights include the many different varieties of almost anything you want. Shelf after shelf of spaghetti sauce and a cheese section that rivals the size of a small grocery store. They also have a huge international and ethic food section. But my favorite thing are the salad bars and other prepared food areas that would put any mall’s food court to shame. Add in the huge beer section (yes, I said beer section), and you have a full day of eating, drinking and shopping. Other things to check out are the bulk olive oils, the large health and beauty section and the fresh meat and fish section. There’s even a gift shop!
This is the place to go when you are looking for something out of the ordinary. Any sort of spice or sauce you are looking for, chances are they have it. Their meat, fish and poultry is also very good. The prices are a little high though. But quality doesn’t come cheap.
This place has a little bit of everything. Good vegetables and cheeses. Great Coffee (Gingerbread is my all time favorite) I haven’t been too impressed with the meats however. I think I got more poor cuts of meat that good ones. The frozen food section is also very expansive with things like Japanese ice cream and frozen Opera Cake. Reasonable prices are probable the best thing Trader Joe’s has going for it. I still want to taste the wines that other states sell. Come on Pennsylvania.
The all natural, health conscience member owned grocery co-op in East Liberty. The best thing about this place is the produce and the bulk items. You can get almost anything you want from rice, to coffee, to olive oil in bulk. There is also an extensive selection of vitamins and nutritional supplements. The meat and poultry is rather limited, but the cheese section and salad bars make up for that. But the sense of community and being part of a co-op is where they really shine. If you pay $100 you are a member for life and get a daily discount and also a higher monthly discount on a special day.

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