Slow Cooker Bean and Acorn Squash Stew

Have you ever thrown something together and was totally blown away by the end result?

That’s what happened here. I don’t really remember the exact recipe, but I know I put in canned whole tomatoes, onion, homemade chicken stock, dried beans, and cubed acorn squash.
I have to say probably the hardest thing about the entire recipe was peeling and cubing the acorn squash. That thing is tough!
Then I seasoned it with salt, tumeric, curry powder, white pepper, and cumin.
Let it cook on low about 10 hours. And this is the result.
I think the beans could have cooked a little longer. But they should be fine for the leftovers. The flavors are incredible! I garnished with a little cilantro to bring out the Mexican flavor. The acorn squash is soft but still firm. It tastes buttery and creamy from all of the cooking. 
I might try a little sour cream on top, but I already had seconds….

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