Keith vs. The Sheetz “Barista”

I guess this still falls under the subject of food and drink. But I got into an argument yesterday with the “Barista” (and I use that term lightly) at Sheetz.

I ordered a 16 oz. Cafe Americano and a 16 oz. pumpkin latte from their touch screen ordering system. When I went to pick them up from the counter, I got the pumpkin latte (which was quite tasty). But for the Americano, I just a shot of espresso in a large 16 oz cup.

I politely told the salesperson that an Americano is supposed to be espresso plus water. She said no I was wrong…. Really?

First, let me look at the stupidity of this. Why would there be an option on the order machine for small, medium, and large if all you got was a shot of espresso? My receipt even said “16 oz. Americano!” Did I get 16 oz. of espresso? No. So what did I get 16 oz. of? Maybe about 2 oz. of espresso and 14 oz of air if you ask me.

It did end well because she gave me a regular coffee which is what I really wanted and offered to give me my money back for the Americano.

Then there was the guy I was kind enough to drive to the Toastmasters speech contest in Johnstown who swore up and down that Cappuchino has no milk in it.

I guess that’s the lesson here. Don’t go into a gas station and expect to get Starbuck’s service…

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