Weeknight Dinner at Udipi Cafe

My friend Chetan at work told me about a good place to go for Indian food. It’s called Udipi Café and it’s close the V. S. Temple in Monroeville. It’s really a little hole in the wall place. But don’t they always say you get some of the best food in those places?

I started the dinner off with I mistakenly read in the menu as some sort of chili. Turns out, these are stuffed, breaded, and deep fried chili peppers! Couldn’t have been more happy. I can’t remember the Indian name, but I found them online called chili bajjis. They look just like this. I hope you’re not supposed to eat the stem, because I didn’t.

For my main course, I ordered what my friend Chetan suggested, Chana Batura. Kinda weird how close it is to my name. As shown in the picture here, this thing was as large as a car’s air bag. It was completely hollow though and was just some puffy bread to eat with your chick peas. I asked for it extra spicy, but it wasn’t all that spicy at all if you ask me. It was good and very flavorful, but very, very messy. Or maybe I was just messy…

The place had a good mix of Indians and Americans. And the total check was very reasonably priced.

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