Mexico: Viva la Flavor

After a week in Mexico, I came to this conclusion: nothing at Taco Bell can hold a candle to real Mexican food. Everything is much more flavorful and isn’t swimming in pools of melted cheese.

One thing I did notice was that food in general is a little more salty than US food. The salt and pepper shakers are even reversed. The one with more holes is the salt while the one with fewer is the pepper. Maybe that’s for your margarita whatever those are (wink, wink).

I remembered that a colleague from Spain once commented that the chicken in Spain tastes completely different than US chicken. When I first tasted the chicken in Mexico I was like “Wow! What is this?!” This was like no chicken I ever tasted before. I can’t describe it any other way than tasting more like chicken. Every place I ate here, I had to taste the chicken. And it was incredible! I think the US pumps their chickens so full of hormones and chemicals that you can’t taste the true chicken flavor. I wonder if it tastes like the chicken from Spain he was talking about. Makes me want to make my next trip to Spain for the chicken

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