Sunday Night Seafood Feast: Grilled Fresh Lobster

Wholey’s had a sale today on Fresh Live Lobster. $4.95 a lb. So I decided to try something new and cook a live lobster. It really wasn’t all that hard. It was a little disconcerting though that the lobster was split into two pieces and was still twitching 10 minutes later.

Plunge a sharp knife right behind the eyes all the way through the head. Then continue down the back. Flip the lobster over and finish splitting it into two. Clean out the stomach and liver. Then brush with melted butter, salt, pepper and what ever other seasoning you want. Remove to claws to cook separately. They take a little more time and to cook and require special care.

Grill meat side down until done (about 10 minutes). I cracked the claws and covered them with the foil container you see above. Got the smoker going too for an extra smokey flavor. So good!

Here’s the finished product. Moist, juicy just like a lobster should be.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Seafood Feast: Grilled Fresh Lobster

  1. The Prib says:

    For you seasoning, you mentioned: Salt, pepper and "whatever else" We want to know what YOU used as the "whatever else." I've heard you talk spices before, I'm interested in hearing what it is you used! Let us know!


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