Aarti Inspired Chicken Rugaan

Here I have Indian chicken wings in a spicy sauce inspired by Next Food Network Star Aarti.

I didn’t have plain yogurt so I used the peach yogurt that I did have. And guess what? I think it’s better with the peach flavor!

Chicken wings,
Hot Peppers,
Red Pepper
Peach Yogurt
Sour Cream

Thanks Aarti for a great season!

1 thought on “Aarti Inspired Chicken Rugaan

  1. The Prib says:

    Do you think the peach yogurt cut the heat from the hot peppers?? They look really saucy but good. Peach flavor isn't really my thing. I think i'd try and make them with the plain yogurt maybe a plain Greek yogurt for that extra "tang".


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