Shrimp, Kale and Spinach

I think I have been slacking off with the recipes or I have been told. So here are three things I made tonight:

Mushrooms and Spinach with Homemade Ponzu Sauce:

I first sauteed the mushrooms until they got some color. Then I added some green onion. Then at the last minute I added some fresh spinach and cooked until it was just wilted. The sauce is soy sauce, lemon (Be careful here. I think I added a bit too much in my dish. And some Asian hot sauce and a little corn starch to thicken.)
The next dish is Kale with Hot Peppers and Tomatoes. I tried this a week ago for the first time and can’t believe the flavor. I don’t even know how to describe the taste. It’s almost like a meaty taste rather than a vegetable.
Here is sauteed red onion and some jalapenos in olive oil and garlic until soft. Then I added some tomatoes that I skinned and seeded. Finally, I added the kale that I had roughly chopped. Finish with a little water (about 1/4 cup) and about 1 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. You really have to try the taste.
The main course is what I am calling Broiled Shrimp with a Cool Cilantro Dipping Sauce.

Here I simply seasoned some shrimp with olive oil and some Old Bay Seasoning and stuck them under the broiler for about 2 minutes on each side. Be careful here. Shrimp can go from perfectly cooked to rubber in the blink of an eye. I like to take it out when it’s a little underdone and let if finish while you are plating it. That way it will be perfect and not over cooked. The dipping sauce is just a little of my favorite Hot and Spicy Mayo, sour cream, and some fresh cilantro. It really goes well with the shrimp.

Since no meal is complete without dessert, I did what I am calling an Impromptu Peach Melba. Very Simple to make. I peeled and scooped out the center of a fairly ripe peach. Then added a little white wine that was left over from dinner to the center of the peach and a little around the peach. Then microwaved for 3 minutes. I guess if I was being a little more indulgent a sprinkle of brown sugar would be a nice touch. Then I added vanilla (low carb.) ice cream and some whipped cream. It was good, but I did miss the sugar. Maybe I’ll try Splenda next time…

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