Friday Night Out: Soba

The dinning room.

In continuing with my Friday Night Dinner Explorations, I tried out Soba at 5847 Ellsworth Avenue this Friday.

You can even see the violet color!

I started off dinner with the “Gin Blossom” which consisted of gin, elderberry, creme de violet, and a lemon twist. The taste was incredible. You could really taste the violet and elderberry.

For starters we had the 5 Spice Chicken buns and the Mushroom and Spinach Dumplings. Both were extremely good and something I would order again.

For our main course, we had Scallop Udon and Chicken Ramen. My scallops were incredibly fresh, sweet and flavorful. The udon were perfectly cooked and the broth spicy and sweet at the same time. The chicken ramen had chicken with crispy skin and moist meat. The ramen noodles were also were flavorful and perfectly cooked.

Desert was the only thing that I wasn’t blown away by. I had a frozen chestnut mouse terrine. While it was tasty, it was a little heavy and a bit on the large side. Min had blueberry jasmine ice cream sandwich. He said it was out of this world. I had a taste and the cookie part of the sandwich was incredible. The ice cream too was very tasty. Maybe I should have gotten that instead.

In summary, I would totally recommend Soba. Next time I’ll have to try Umi next door.

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