More Wings and Mushrooms

The majority of this dinner was made with ingredients I got when my friend Lisa from work went on vacation. She participates in one of those farm share plans and she allowed me to have her basket while she was away. Thanks again Lisa.

The ingredients I used here were zucchini blossoms (they were actually better than you think!), tomatoes, cinnamon basil, and corn.

You really have to try to make these grilled/smoked wings. Again, first do a dry rub with your favorite spices. Then just put them on your warming rack with the grill on the lowest heat. I also added one of the smokers I got for my birthday. In about 30-45 minutes you will have juicy tender wings.

The vegetable medley I made by sauteing mushrooms in some butter and olive oil. Add the tomato and corn and blossoms. Cook until everything has soften. I also added some garlic and green onions for additional flavor. The blossoms actually just melted into the dish and added a little something special.

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