Bloody Mary Mussels

I bought some mussels today at the Market District in Robison and contemplated how to prepare them when I got home. Sure, I could do the traditional wine wine and shallots, but I wanted something different.  Then I thought “Could I do a Bloody Mary flavored mussel?” I had vodka, lemon juice, and a full bottle of Blood Mary mix. That is what I present today for you.

Here’s what I did.

Saute shallots and some hot peppers of your choosing for an added kick. (I used poblano pepper and they were not hot enough for my taste.)
Add fresh parsley and minced garlic and cook until wilted.
Add some Worcestershire sauce (several dashes) and cook just until everything turns brown.
Turn up the heat to high.
Add 3 oz. vodka and heat until you smell the alcohol evaporating.
Light the fumes on fire and stand back! This step is a little dangerous, so please be careful or just skip it. You will get some large flames so be warned.
After the flames die down, add a bottle of Bloody Mary mix and all of your cleaned mussels.
Cover and steam about 5 minutes.

I served this over pasta, but I think it’s good enough on it’s own. Some crusty bread would make a great addition…

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